Blogs that make me smile!

Colour Giggles – This lady is sure to bring some bright sunshiny colour into your life – even on a Monday. Her posts always put a smile on my face and give me warm fuzzy feelings. I try not to be a manic stalker but the email blog update that I get is my daily fix. Everything from Rainbow coloured drinks to 10 things every bedroom should have. Let Colour Giggles take you on a ‘over the rainbow’ joy ride!

Cupcakemummy– Fish’s mom! Cupcakemummy will set a fire in your heart, she will make you laugh, cry, smile and frown. Her photo’s will blow you away. Her openness about her life is refreshing and you can’t help to feel that you have known her for a million years but at the same time there is so much more to learn!

Parisandpomegranates – No need to be rushing off to the travel agent for ‘the best place to go this summer holiday’ – pop into parisandpomegranates and find yourself being taken on a jet plane across the world through the eyes of a lady that just wants to eat pomegranate seeds from the skin.

Bangersandnash – In all honesty I have no words that are good enough to describe this blog – a ranting of pole dancing fails, drunken toddlers, random monkey pictures and zombie hand bottle stoppers. There is not a day that goes by without checking the daily ‘nash’ on this blog! Go ahead – it’s a treat!

The Yummy Mummy Diary: Let this shoe-loving, carrot mashing and tram spotting mom take you on a lovely journey of mother hood, being sexy and simple yummy mummy stories.

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One thought on “Blogs that make me smile!

  1. Wow.. thanks so much for including Colour Giggles in your list… Your words are too kind, thank you for ‘stalking’ my blog, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me 🙂

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