Glitter Jar!

O.M.G! I am completely and utterly smitten!

I am always a little hesitate about recreating something that I have seen on Pinterest but this one grabbed my attention awhile back and had been thinking about it again for a week or so – I decided to take Phoenix with me to the shops to go and buy all the goodies {fingers crossed behind my back that this would actually work – she doesn’t take disappointment very well}

My main reason for wanting to do this was because Phoenix can be explosive and volatile when she is upset so I wanted to find something that she could redirect her attention on and that would calm her down … seems we have a winner for both her and I.

It turned out so well that I am going to make more – and maybe one for my desk at work … makes you forget about the world and makes your heart smile like a childs… so beautiful. And I am SO going to be doing the glow in the dark one this weekend too! {cut open a glow stick – throw the contents in the jar – add glitter – close jar – DONE!}

It’s a swirling vortex of glittery paradise!

Check out the instructions on and remember you can use ANY colour glitter! {We didn’t add any food colouring either}




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