29 things to do before 30!

yes, yes, yes … I know … I am 3 months late for this post which means I only have 9 months to do this {please excuse me while I fall off my chair with laughter} “3 months late” “9 months” … I made it sound like I am having a baby! 🙂 LOL! Well, that it not the case – my post is obviously about a list of 29 things to do before I am the big three.point.oh!

1) Do something for someone who can never repay me
2) Do something anonymously that will make more than one person smile
3) Push myself past my limit
4) Learn to play at least one song on the guitar
5) Skydive
6) Crack an egg into a bowl without having a piece of shell fall in
7) Wear a shirt that says LIFE while handing out lemons {anyone care to join me on this one?}
8) Compete in a show jumping show
9) Get a new tattoo
10) Get my name on the benchmark board
11) Grow a veggie garde
12) Go on a cooking course
13) Grow a herb garden
14) Wear a bikini at the beach and be TOTALLY ok with it!
15) Run the ‘green mile’ twice
16) Skinny dip in the ocean
17) Sleep outside under the stars
18) See a rhino again before they are all gone… 😦
19) Ride on the Sight Seeing Bus
20) Take the train to Simon’s Town
21) Hug a complete stranger *I did this last year but it was so much fun, so I’m going to do it again*
22) Go away for a weekend *last years camping did NOT count!*
23) Write (pen to paper) a letter and post it to a friend or family member
24) Solve a rubix cube
25) Stop smoking *um…well…ya*
26) Make a shell necklace
27) Play a prank on someone {harmless of course}
28) Learn to do a french plait
29) Learn a whole sentence in sign language {anyone know anyone who knows sign language?}

Ok, so that’s it! I know I have cheated a little by adding a few things from last year but I never completed them so I think it’s fair to have them back? yes? yes! ok!

AND … I vow to do this everyday …



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