Jello {Jelly} Cookies!!

I have officially died and gone to heaven!!

I LOVE jelly and I LOVE cookies so when I found out that you could combine the two, the angels sang … harps and everything! I felt like Annie on her hill in Sound of Music!

Once a week at the kiddies at Phoenix’s school get to make jelly at home and take it to the school to ‘sell’ to their friends. So with me being super mom and everything, I couldn’t bare the humdrum old school flavours so I opted for the UBER cool flavours they have at Woolies – Candyfloss, Bubblegum, Lollipop … {weak at the knees} and posted it to Facebook {as one does these days} and a friend directed me to a recipe for jelly cookies … at first the sound of it make me like of vodka shots … just balls of jelly … but boy oh boy was I wrong!

And what is even BETTER is that it can be used as play dough and THEN made into the cookies … gone are they days of shortbread biscuits in my house!

Check it out on

Jelly cookie monster making time!



2 thoughts on “Jello {Jelly} Cookies!!

    • I’m sure they will love it! Jelly is a staple in my house – rain or shine there will always be jelly! πŸ™‚

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