Be The Change…

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

One of the most humble and most terrifying quotes I have ever come across. I have always loved the quote – it has a way of creeping into you and making you feel a little braver, makes you look up and take notice of the rainbows but then your eyes drift and you are back to everyday. But yet I have also found it a tad intimidating in the sense that you feel you have to be some kind of Noble Peace winner to make any kind of difference – it makes you feel so small against the world. But your place in the world is bigger and more influential than you think.

But what one doesn’t realise is that you don’t have to be quitting your job, selling all your possessions and travelling the world on a whim – not at all, all you need to do is change your immediate surroundings – you don’t need to be parading on a street, rambling a message on sign board and you most certainly do not have to be a glimmer-in-the-eye celebrity – you just need to change you first.

I have tried to live a better and healthier lifestyle and without forcing things down everyone’s throats {maybe a little sound advice here and there} I have done it for me and have slowly started noticing how it is making a difference to the people who I spend most of my time with – the ladies in the office. I hardly ever see takeaways being bought, the water cooler seems to be seeing more than one glass filled throughout the day and just a general feel good vibe happening and it makes me SO happy!

And with it being winter, this is the saddest time of the year for me because I am ALWAYS thinking of the people who do not have anything warm to wear or to eat and so many people always want to do something, anything, but either they feel their actions will be insignificant or won’t make a difference … they are SO wrong, it WILL make a difference – it will a make a difference to the person that was on the receiving end of that gesture. You don’t need to start a movement or be apart of a charity or yet again, have lots of money … it takes something that we all have and are capable of … heart and compassion.

I am going to ask my friends and family to each donate a blanket, a jersey, a jacket, old boots and anything warm and to drop it off at a shelter closest to them, or even give it to someone who they see sleeping on the street, put something in the trolley at the entrance of the shop that is collecting, ask your company to have a collection box and be the first to put something in it… just something that will start the change – it really isn’t as scary as you think! Promise!

I hope that you can change someone’s life – even if for just a moment

All it takes is for ONE person to start.



2 thoughts on “Be The Change…

  1. Hi. So enjoyed this entry. A friend and I started a small initiative about 2 years ago…. we went to a local home for the elderly and asked them to help us knit squares. They were more than eager to help us knit and we sewed them into colourful blankets. We have made 10 to date that we hav donated to charity. This mushroomed into beanies, bedsocks and scarves as well. If you just ask, people are more than willing to help with wool and kntiting.

  2. ah Joan! that makes my heart SO happy! @cupcakemummy started knitting beanies for cancer patients after she decided to shave her head for the annual shave-a-thon! The world needs unselfish people so desperately!

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