28 before 29 … Final Update!

It’s my birthday today! Happy Birthday to me!!! *hip-hip-hooray* {Even though there are only a few hours left}

This birthday has been a bitter pill to swallow because it will be the last time I will be in my 20’s! {If I hear one more ‘older’ person say “well, how do you think I feel?” I will cut their tongue out with a blunt spoon – it’s right up there with a creepy aunt that you haven’t seen in years, who grabs your cheeks, pretty much drawing every ounce of blood into them and says “look how big you are! Well, no shit Sherlock.}

Right … moving along swiftly…

Before I get started on my 29 before 30 list an update on my 28 before 29 list is needed. Here we go!

1) Fall asleep in the shade of a tree *done*
2) Make a flower crown *done – it didn’t last as long as the movies make you believe they do*
3) Ride the Argus *I ran the Two Oceans 22km trail run so … #BOOM*
4) Learn to play at least one song on the guitar *I hope 4 cords count*
5) Skydive *incomplete*
6) Reach my goal fitness and weight *I will let Cos That’s How I Roll say it all*
7) Read a story to an elderly person *does my mom count? * 🙂
8) Draw a picture *I drew more than one – even some flowers in chalk*
9) Get a new tattoo *done*
10) Go away for the weekend *shakes head sadly … camping is not my idea of ‘weekend away’*
11) Meet someone famous *done{if Mr Maker counts}
12) Go on a cooking course *not done* – although I do watch MasterChef like my life depends on it…*
13) Get a pen pal *I have my reservations after watching a prison pen pal documentary*
14) Climb into a taxi and scream “follow that car!” *not done*
15) Hug a complete stranger *done*
16) Kiss in the rain *done*
17) Climb a tree *done – on my ‘weekend away’ LOL!*
18) Make a new friend *done*
19) Draw and play hop-scotch in the road *done*
20) Have a lemonade stand *this proved to be a lot harder than first thought*
21) Send a teddy around the world *stupid family politics stopped me from doing this*
22) Learn to surf *sort of*
23) Make mud pies *done*
24) Go for a week without chocolate *DONE*
25) Stop smoking *um…well…ya*
26) Make amends *done*
27) Play a prank on someone (harmless of course) *really sucked that April Fools was on a Sunday*
28) Learn to do a french plait *@cupcakemummy … cough-cough* 😉

Well, I don’t think I did too badly!

Off to tackle the next 365 days with 29 awesome things! {blog post coming soon}




2 thoughts on “28 before 29 … Final Update!

  1. Happy Birthday to the elusive Indigo Girl 🙂 Nice one…on the goals. Let me know where you want this Teddy Bear. I can pretty much get it to Canada, USA, Italy, and possibly 10 more countries, possibly all the continents. Love you and miss you. ~Shaun

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