Solo Plateau…

Yay! I made the 100 post mark! I was holding out for this one to be a good one because it was going to be about my 3rd weigh-in at 360 Specialized Training and I just couldn’t wait to get my results because I had worked my ASS off and after my 2nd weigh in {check it out on There is NO Magic Pill} I was so excited to feel that pride again … but alas … it ended up in tears, a dose of the good old ‘beating yourself up’ with a side serving of the words ‘you have just hit a plateau.’

But after sleeping on it, I woke up this morning feeling a little better because I still did ‘well’ … not great, but well and it’s a massive comfort when your oldest and best friend {who happens to be your trainer} is so amazingly supportive, but don’t let the relationship fool you, he is quicker than a fox when it comes to telling you how it is … if I sucked he would say ‘you sucked’ and even though I pretty much put my finger down my throat and give the ‘arg’ sound every time I get a compliment or a pat on the back – deep down I am so happy and proud!

So here goes *cringe*

Red is my first weigh in that was done on the 26th May, blue is my 2nd, done on the 7th Oct and green is from yesterday!

Weight: 72.7kg68.00kg68.4kg … *note to self: do NOT eat a big lunch before your weigh-in*
Waist: 92cm86cm84cm
Chest: 96cm98cm92.5cm
Bicep: 30cm28cm28cm
Thigh: 58cm52cm55cm *that extra 3cm is muscle* #BOOM

Body FatSkin Fold in mm:
Abdomen: 40mm27mm29mm *I have no words* *she quietly sobs in the corner*
Supra illiac: 25mm17mm14mm
Tricep: 29mm17mm14mm
Thigh: 25mm20mm21mm

Body Fat %: 28.6420.6320.41 *only .2%down in body fat! ARRRGGGG!*
LBM: 51.8853.9754.44
Fat Mass: 20.82kg14.03kg13.96

Seeing the comparisons from my 1st and 3rd weigh-in’s made me feel much better … even though I  put ON and extra 2mm in my abdomen body fat  and only went down 0.2% in Body Fat {I blame that one on the festive season} I did a fairly good job and I will just use this as motivation for the next 3 months!





4 thoughts on “Solo Plateau…

  1. Good job TammyT! Don’t be too hard on yourself, otherwise you take the fun out of it and the whole purpose is to ultimately feel better about oneself. Love you, Me.

  2. Sounds like this trainer of yours can be hard on you! Your stats do tell a story though – If i trained you i would be very proud of you too!! It makes a person feel good to see you take something positive and motivate yourself with it even though your initial reaction was a rough one.

  3. well done lady!!!
    so very proud of you and you should be so very proud as well.
    on this mission with you so know how hard it is when that stupid scale doesn’t go down.

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