‘Tis the season … Project 1

With Christmas around the corner, one (well I do anyway) tends to watch the bank balance a little more as the sweat trickles down your temple and the drumming thought of ‘how am I going to afford Christmas this year’ pounds in your head day in and day out.

I am a giver and I love pretty things, I love to give people nice things and to be able to have really pretty things around birthdays and special events and Christmas is a pivotal time of pretty things and giving and as much as my heart wants to give … the little gremlin in my wallet shakes its head with a little ‘tsk tsk tsk’ thrown in for good measure. I am so grateful that there are so many simple, pretty and super cute idea’s out there that allow me to make gifts and ornaments. Who doesn’t love a hand-made gift or an ornament made by a child that be carried generation to generation.

I found some really awesome things (will share them separately as I am hoping to do 24/25 Christmas projects with Phoenix) and I am pretty much jumping out of my skin to get started on the first one on Friday:

Project 1:

One thing that I have ALWAYS loved are advent calendars – what a way to get the excitement going of just 10 – 9 – 8 …. 3 – 2 more sleeps so I was quietly screeching in delight when I found this ‘No Numbers Advent Calendar’ from Two Of Everything. It is SO perfect for little people who don’t quite know how to count but understand the concept of numbers. Phoenix can count to 20 odd (with 13 and 18 swapped around) – but even though she can count the visual of an actual number eludes her so this is just PERFECT…

Image from Two of Everything

So the idea is that everyday (I think we will do ours at night) you take a pebble from the small jar into the big jar and watch how the pebbles (days) get less and less in preparation for Christmas morning. On Christmas night Santa will exchange the pebbles for a little something special!



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