There is NO Magic Pill…

…only dedication, hard work, blood, sweat and tears {and possibly a few mini temper-tantrums}.

Following on my You Just Get Stronger post I have some pretty impressive updates! I now train every Sunday, which includes running Lion’s Head, Signal Hill and Sea Point promenade {not all on the same day – I am not super human} … now let me get one thing out-of-the-way … I can moan and complain like a baby but hell … I refuse to give up – I will finish what I started! I also now train on a Friday with Wesley at 360 Specialized Training where it feels like my muscles are either going to pull away from my bones or they are going to spontaneously combust.

When I first started on the 26th of May I was handed a 8kg Kettlebell and I honestly thought I was going to die but now I have been ‘promoted’ to a 16kg Kettlebell {when my prissy shoulder can handle it} – I couldn’t even do one push-up and now I’m killing them, with a 60kg deadlift thrown in for good measure!

From a ‘there is no way I am running’ to now having completed 2 trail runs and running {come rain or shine} every Sunday… I think I shall be giving myself a HUGE pat on the back with a MASSIVE thank you to Wesley for being there every step of the way!! But let’s not chit-chat for too long … this is the reason for the post… my weigh-in that I did yesterday {which I almost had a panic attack about because I haven’t stepped on the scale since my first weigh-in … *drum roll please*

Red is my first weigh in that was done on the 26th May and blue is the one from yesterday!

Weight: 72.7kg68.00kg
Waist: 92cm86cm
Chest: 96cm98cm
Bicep: 30cm28cm
Thigh: 58cm52cm

Body FatSkin Fold in mm:
Abdomen: 40mm27mm
Supra illiac: 25mm17mm
Tricep: 29mm17mm
Thigh: 25mm20mm

Body Fat %: 28.6420.63
LBM: 51.8853.97
Fat Mass: 20.82kg14.03kg

Which means I am 53.97kg of lean mean muscle *insert body builder scrunched face here with a ggggrrrr*

I have come a long way since May and another high-five to Wesley for not throwing me off a bridge!

The biggest change for me, besides the obvious is how I FEEL about myself, I am aware of myself, I watch what I eat, yes, I still scoff down chocolates and yummy things but I do it in moderation and I now eat broccoli! {shock-horror I know} – this comes from a quote that I saw… “eat for the body you want, not for the body you have.”

Now to just stop smoking once and for all!

This has been such a huge motivation for me … bring on the 7th January!



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