Once in a Blue Moon…

Tra-la-la! The Blue Moon is here … time to make my mom proud by having a little Blue Moon Celebration, as it is Phoenix’s first one that she can celebrate with us… {there was one in December 2009 but she was still so tiny}.

What is a Blue Moon?
A blue moon occurs when there is a second full moon in a single month. This occurs only about every 2.72 years. When it is the 13th moon in the year, it is also called a Blue Moon.

No one really knows where the name “blue moon” originated. Some believe that the name came about because of the effect that a 13 moon year had on people. According to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, “Every seventh year is one of the moon. In such years people suffer increasingly from emotional ups and downs and depression. Moon years such as 1978 are years that have 13 new moons. This inevitably leads to personal catastrophes.” Likely the name came from Europe because there the Blue Moon was dreaded, said to bring bad weather and sadness.

In the United States, however, it favors opportunity and unexpected good fortune. So much so, that a cliché developed. Surely you have heard of things happening “once in a blue moon?” The earliest known references to a blue moon were intended as examples of improbable events or something that could never happen. (sourced from The Domestic Pagan)

Image from Flickr.com

So Justin, Phoenix and myself will be lighting three blue candles, that will burn until they are done and we will be making a Blue Moon Blessed Water jar so I have sent Justin out with a shopping list to which he replied “I will try my best” … *clears throat calmly* … um, in this case there is not such thing as try only do! 😉

Image from The Domestic Pagan

I can’t wait to make our jar all pretty and stuff with Phoenix tonight, although the only thing that I am not really looking forward to is having to go down to the beach to get the ocean water … it’s FUDGE cold out there today, but it will be worth it!

And then we plant jelly beans in the pot plant for Spring day tomorrow!

So much excitement!



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