Myself as a Parent…

With Phoenix’s birthday around the corner I am starting to realise that I am more nervous about this age than I was when she turned 1 … it’s the whole ‘where the hell has the time gone’ thing, or better put ‘when you have kids, only then will you realise how precious time is.’

I have been reflecting a little on how I have been doing as a parent and heaven knows I am not the Mother Of The Year but I think I deserve a medal of some sort – even a thumb sucked noddy badge will do and I think that most mom’s will agree.

What got me thinking about this again is that I had a little stand-off with Phoenix last night and my mother’s words and tone came out of my mouth … it made me shudder and giggle at the same time. Phoenix has a VERY bad habit of whining for stuff or on the flip side having a very demanding tone “I. WANT. A. YOGURT. NOW” so I constantly have to remind her that she needs to ask nicely for stuff so while we are getting ready for bath she demands a yogurt so I say {with my mother’s words} “Two things Phoenix. Firstly, you need to ask nicely for stuff and secondly the answer is no.” and I carry on doing what I was doing leaving her standing there terribly confused at what just happened and then says … ‘I sad’ – now before you sigh from the cuteness let me tell you where that little Trump card comes from…

In my house I am the disciplinarian where Justin is the one that is wrapped so tightly around that little finger. I am the one that won’t give into the millions of reasons why she doesn’t have to go to bed, from ‘I need water’, ‘I need to wee’ , to ‘I want to say goodnight to the fish’ but the other night that wall was smashed down with the biggest, saddest blue eyes … she was giving us a hard time at bed time and after a lot of back and forth and fighting about not watching TV, the last time she stood by the door and when I walked up to her she looked up at me and says ‘I sad’ … *crumble* Three guesses as to who got their way and watched some TV with mommy… since that night every time she doesn’t get her way she gives me those Puss In Boot eyes and quietly says ‘I sad.’ This little lady sure knows how to play her cards.

She not only testing me as a parent but as a human being and she is doing a damn fine job and although I am still waiting for someone to burst through the door and say ‘GOT YA!’ because even after {almost} 3 years I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that I am  someone’s mom and as much as it keeps me on my toes I am DAMN privileged to be a parent, especially hers!

I might not be the ‘soccer mom’ but I think I am doing a fairly good job, I love her, I set the right boundaries, I have rules, I will not tolerate bad manners, I kiss all the ‘owies’ better and after all is said and done, Phoenix is a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed little human with the softest heart, sweetest cuddles, a smile that will stop you in your tracks and a sharp sense of humor who came into this world 3 years ago and set my whole world alight!



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