My Dilemma…

I have no idea why but I am COMPLETELY freaking out over the ‘during-the-night’ potty training … to the extent that I actually might have a panic attack!

Am I freaking out at having my now {almost} right through sleep interrupted by the alarm reminding me that it’s my turn for potty duty, stumbling around like a drunk, one-eyed sailor from my room to her room to the bathroom … balancing myself against the wall and a drowsy toddler on the toilet?

Am I freaking out because this might break her sleeping habits when we are a.l.m.o.s.t there with sleeping through the night? Could it be that little voice a few seconds after I have fallen asleep {or a few seconds before my alarm to get up} that the bed is wet? I thank the man or woman who came up with the plastic sheet idea… I remember when I was small my mom had to put my foam, flower printed mattress outside after my little opsies!

But unless I want her to be in nappies for the rest of her night-time life then best I figure out a plan of action …



3 thoughts on “My Dilemma…

  1. How old is she now? I found/find it much easier to leave my girls in night nappies. My eldest was in hers until just past her 3rd birthday and my youngest 2 years 6 months now, is still in hers after being off them for 2 months.

    Too many accidents and I like my sleep way to much. I will try again in the summer when the nights are warmer.

    • she will be 3 in november – and I TOTALLY agree with you on the “I like my sleep way to much” part! Did you eldest just drop them?

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