28 before 29! {Update #1}

Oh deary, deary me – where is the time going? I wrote my 28 before 29! blog almost 3 months ago and I was hoping that I would be a lot further that I am now {although in all fairness there are a few ‘work in progress’ ones and a few that deserve nothing less than a gorgeous summers day}. So I now have 8 months to complete my list but in the mean time here is the updated list and then I shall tell you what is next on my list – going to need some help!

1) Fall asleep in the shade of a tree *Summers day is needed*
2) Make a flower crown *Spring is needed*
3) Ride the Argus *Am I allowed to swap this one and say “Run the Two Oceans”*
4) Learn to play at least one song on the guitar
5) Skydive
6) Reach my goal fitness and weight *work in progress*
7) Read a story to an elderly person
8) Draw a picture
9) Get a new tattoo
10) Go away for the weekend
11) Meet someone famous *done* {if Mr Maker counts}
12) Go on a cooking course
13) Get a pen pal
14) Climb into a taxi and scream “follow that car!” *someone is going to have to get me very drunk first* 😉
15) Hug a complete stranger
16) Kiss in the rain
17) Climb a tree
18) Make a new friend *done*
19) Draw and play hop-scotch in the road *done*
20) Have a lemonade stand *Summer*
21) Send a teddy around the world *next project*
22) Learn to surf
23) Make mud pies
24) Go for a week without chocolate *DONE*
25) Stop smoking *um…well…ya*
26) Make amends *done*
27) Play a prank on someone (harmless of course)
28) Learn to do a french plait

So I have decided {well, I decided ages ago) that my next check will be to send the Teddy around the world and with the help of a friend and a very odd conversation the Teddy’s name will be Fox Trot!

I haven’t quite worked out the logistics of Fox Trot’s journey as yet, although I do know that I would like to send it to at least one place on each continent. Going to need some help on the Antarctica side of the world… 🙂

I would like his journey to start on the first of September and I would like to first send it to my nieces and nephews you are in the US of A {or Canada} and Qatar and then go from there. I would like to maybe put a post card in the box for everyone to sign along the trip around the world which I will have framed! Seriously… this is actually super exciting!

If any one knows of other people living in different countries {that’s a dumb question} let me know so I can add their details to the list. But they have to be on board with The Journey of Fox Trot so that he doesn’t sit in someone’s attic gathering dust and cobweb’s until the Mayan’s end the world!

We have 18 days to set him on his way!


2 thoughts on “28 before 29! {Update #1}

  1. What a cool idea! I hope fox trot has an amazing journye 🙂 and I think the post card idea would be really neat!

  2. Fox trot is welcome to join monkey in his travels (speaking of… Monkey needs to come home please as his next trip is australia haha) and I can teach you how to do all the diff kinds of french plaits 🙂

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