Good Bye … See You Later

If anyone knows me they will know that I completely suck at saying goodbye … I turn into a big blob of a blubbering mess. It’s all good to say “It’s not goodbye, it’s ‘see you later’ – but let’s be honest … goodbye is goodbye and it sucks!

This year I was blessed with a new friend who has become incredibly special to me … and now he is leaving to a new job {which I wish him the BEST of luck with} *sob* I almost feel quite selfish for being so sad… it’s just a new job right … it’s not like he is moving to the moon – right?

This friend was just a stranger that gave up a dry seat on a rainy morning … the inspiration behind Let’s Just Embrace It.

I have had to say goodbye to so many people in my life, some of them did turn out to be a ‘see you later’ and some I had to say goodbye to forever so every time I have to say the words my heart breaks into so many little pieces because you never know when the demon of change will come for a visit. It’s easy to say ‘we will keep in touch’ but how many times does the daily monotony of life take over, one day turns into two which turn into three… but it’s times like this, the time of another goodbye that reminds one how important it is to keep the people you love in your life.

That being said I have also learnt in life that the real and the unseen friendships are the kind that you can not be in touch for weeks, months, years even and when you see or speak to that person again it’s as if not a single second has passed between you… those are friendships that you cling onto for dear life!

Friendship is…

So I would like to take a moment to thank CJ for being such an incredible friend, one that I hope to have when I’m grey and wrinkly! Thank you for listening to my very random thoughts, deep conversations and the odd bitching session. For making me laugh with the strangest thoughts {rubber tubes and wine} and for sending me on musical journey. You must {always} remember that you are an incredibly amazing human being and I know that whatever direction your path goes it will be one covered in unicorn poop! And if you don’t stay in touch I will hunt you down … and you know I will! 😉

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                                             1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege to meet you!

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