Thank You!

EEEEEKKKK! {the happy kind!} What a stunning way to start my week with a ‘Thank you for writing” award from the über cool Cupcakemummy which I feel a little guilty for accepting because I have become quite {ok! a lot} slack with writing but this has quite possible sparked my relationship with the keyboard… 😉

With this award comes a few rules:

1. Write 7 random facts about you that your readers don’t know
2. Remember to thank those who awarded you and of course
3. Select others you think deserve the award

Random facts hey? hmmm … *taps head trying to think of things you don’t already know*

This is hard because I gave 7 things when I was nominated for the Versatile Bloggers Award} So I am going to steal the idea that Cupcakemummy had by grabbing a few “get to know me better questions” that my dear friend Google helped me with. And I would like to ask my blogging friends to answer them too – makes it a little more interesting. So here goes:

Do you believe in ghosts?
I do
Who has it easier–men or women?
Why? A she-man has it easier … best of both worlds!
What was your scariest dream?
Being chased by a ball of play-dough
Do you ever sing to yourself?
I try but the voices in my head scream for me to stop

If you could paint your room any color, what would you choose?
Indigo {obviously}
What’s your all-time favorite commercial?
Allan Gray: Time Flies
When is the last time you asked someone for help?
This morning actually …
What’s your favorite animated movie?
Lion King
How many times a day do you look into a mirror?
There is a damn mirror right in front of me at work so every time I look up!
What’s your favorite place you’d like to visit?
The world!
Can you raise only one eyebrow at a time?
This makes me look in the mirror again … but no!
Have you ever ate sushi or raw oysters?
I didn’t know you get cooked oysters #justsaying
How do you like your eggs cooked?
They need to be dead!
What was your favorite children’s book?
The Magic Faraway Tree
How old were you when you learned to whistle?
I came out the womb whistling
In what position do you usually fall asleep?
On my tummy, left cheek on the pillow but I turn to the other side once sleep sets in

So it’s time to put the spot light on some of my fellow bloggers by passing on this award…

Diaries of a white mother raising a black baby – she is beautifully honest and will leave you feeling as if you have known her for years. I have never met her but I know her so well.

Diary of a Mad Woman – I look forward to reading her latest post. You won’t know if she is going to make to laugh or cry or sit back with your mouth wide open but let me tell you something it is totally worth it.

Still Frame My Life: A blog that I came to know just recently but am completely addicted to because you will find everything on everything which is so great and refreshing, DIY, Fashion, Lifestyle and my favourite ‘Get Your Sexy On’ and the Project Sunset will make you remember why we live in the prettiest part of the world.

C is for Cape Town: I LOVE this blog … for too many reason’s to name. Reading her blog is like sitting with a glass of wine in your PJ’s with your best friend while she tells you stories

WesFit – Throwing this out as a hint that a certain someone needs to write more! Since I have become a little {not quite there} 360 warrior I have found it INCREDIBLY important to be active and to test and push myself – WesFit will help with some of that … now only if he would write more.

So head out to their blogs and share the love!

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