Oh, Toodles…!

With Phoenix being a typical toddler, she changes her mind as often as the wind blows in Cape Town. So seems we have moved from a Hello Kitty Party to a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party. She knows all the words to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, especially … “Oh Toodles.”

Her birthday party is in T- 3 months and 10 days! eeek! {don’t judge me, I like having things planned WAY in advance} – So I have decided that I am not going to ask her what party she would like anymore – I am going to stick to Mickey Mouse, she relates more to it than Hello Kitty so here goes …

If ANYONE can tell me where I can find these then I shall love you forever!

Image from hostessblog.com

Finally something I can make myself …

Image from thepetitesoiree.blogspot.com


And another thing … these are SO cute – I would never have thought of it!

Image from Google.com

How awesome is this candy table? I am not a big on having nothing but sweets at a party … but this might call for an exception, and those little Mickey Mouse alice-bands – I can SO make those too!

Image from herboldevents.blogspot.com

Of course we will be having cake pops…

Image from bakerella.com


And the cake … the cake! I haven’t found one that I really like, well, I have but I know there is no way I will be allowed to get it so I will post it – half the battle won me thinks…

Image from bloggingsimple8634.blogspot.com



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