Balloons and Bubbles!

I love … no, I LOVE bubbles!!! If I could capture one and keep it forever I would!

If you think about it, it really is happiness in a breath! You blow a bubble and your heart will leap with giggles and doesn’t matter how old you are, bubbles are timeless!

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Bubbles are like life, you could get lost in the beauty of it but then it pops and as you come tumbling down to earth another one captures you in its oily rainbow, captivating you again, allowing you forget the fall…

And then there are balloons! Holy Moly but do I love balloons … I would love someone to do this for me…

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Imagine waking up to dozens of balloons! I would much rather have balloons than flowers… or wait … I do love flowers – they heal, they are important. They are so much more than a cheerful, colourful present. Flowers are there when you are born and all the way through until we die. They offer comfort and assurance; plus they articulate stuff most people can’t manage. People need flowers to say sorry and thank you, and cheer up, and I love you, and all the other difficult we inadequate humans can’t bring ourselves to say.

So in that case if anyone is torn between buying me flowers or balloons {hint hint} then how about balloon flowers to save you the stress…

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Or of course you could get glass balloons made for me so that I can keep them forever! But I want colourful ones! {yes, I will demand} šŸ˜‰

Image from

One of my biggest dreams if to go up in a hot-air balloon… {more hinting} and this one would take my breath away…

Image from

Give someone some balloons sometime and see their inner child glow! And go out to a field and blow some bubbles and find yourself getting lost in their wind-swept journey…



One thought on “Balloons and Bubbles!

  1. I SO want to join you on that last balloon pic! bubbles and balloons just make me al warm and happy šŸ™‚ Hope you have a lovely day friend (big hug!)

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