You Just Get Stronger…

So as you know I am taking part in this year’s Impi Challenge {read about it in You Tarzan. I {GI} Jane.}

My story so far…

I have this silly fear for gyms, for the mini hulk hogans that spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror and the girls that prance around like a unicorn on steroids … and all the equipment – it’s kind of intimidating. When I was still up in Jo’burg I had a gym membership {not really by choice} because I would get a lift to work {which opens at 09:00} by my mom who always thought that leaving home at 04:00 was a good idea … anyway, so I got the membership to keep me busy for 3 – 4 hours … now, now … I never worked out for that long, in fact, I hardly ever worked out – I would find an empty stall in the bathroom, get all comfy on the floor, using my towel as a blanket and my bag as a pillow and I would sleep … do not judge me … there was the odd time when Mr. Wanna-be Hogan and Mrs Unicorn weren’t around that I would actually gym.

{Fast forward a few years, a Curves membership and newly signed on Virgin Active Membership and we find ourselves at the moment I decided to do the Impi Challenge and walked into 360 Specialized Training}

360 Specialized Training {otherwise known as The Fort} – Holy Crap Balls! So you walk in and you feel good because it doesn’t seem that intimidating BUT as your mother has taught you, never judge a book by its cover – these guys and girls are there to bring out the demon in you – they are not there to let you stop or pat you on the back with a ‘ag shame’ when every bone and muscle in your body is screaming profanities. You will forget to breath. They are not there to be your friend but trust me, once you start living and breathing their motto: One Legion. One Philosophy. One Heart Beat you will want to buy them birthday presents and take them home to meet the parents.

They are not Virgins!

I get trained by Wesley and let me tell you something, even though he has known me almost half my life, he takes no prisoners – he is there to get the best out of you and he will push you because he knows it is there, he will motivate you and what I love the most is that he gets down, dirty and sweaty with you and doesn’t just stand there with a clip board and stop watch! He is the only trainer you are not allowed to take home! 😉

My first training session was … um … the word intense seems like a game of hopscotch but we will go with intense for the time being, {until you go and find your own word} – I thought my body was going to tear apart and that was just with the warm up! I will not even try to explain how I felt the next day…

As they say: “It doesn’t get easier. You just get stronger.” – those words are so true because I now find myself after my 4th session and here I sit, 4 sessions later and I feel like a brand new person … The workout gets more hectic, your muscles scream louder and your heart beat pounds that much harder against your rib cage but fuck it feels good!

You will be in pain
You will cry
You will forget to breath
You will hate your trainer, you might even throw up but…
You will NOT give up!

Your whole approach to life, to yourself and to the people around you does a full 360 {excuse the pun} once you start realising that there is no such thing as ‘I can’t do it’, You will change your tune to “I’ll be damned if I won’t at least try” – GONE are the days when I would rather sleep than train … I want it! I was sitting in a 2 hour meeting this morning and all I could think was ‘I would much rather be training” … true story!

So if you want to go to gym to impress everyone else then go to gym … if you want to train to impress yourself then go to 360 – it’s as simple as that really!

I will now hand over to the professionals – check out {and follow dammit} Wesley’s blog to find out what really goes down at “The Fort” and get a taste of hard work in your mouth!

Image by Mel Neethling

Image from

360 Specialized Training

Go out and get strong!


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