28 before 29!

It’s about that time that I have to steal a fellow bloggers ideas as my mind is a mishmash of incoherent thoughts but have the urge to write so I am stealing this blog idea from Cupcakemummy {no surprise there} 😉 with a list of 28 things to do before I turn 29, I know I am a month and a bit late but better late than never and in the least ‘cheating’ way I have added things that I have already done.

I’m sure everyone has a bucket list, a list that we would like to lay on our death beds knowing we have crossed them all off but most of the time it can be a little far-fetched like “tea with the Queen” and many times we don’t ever get the chance to complete the task(s) leaving as feeling as though we have disappointed ourselves regardless of the fact that we have done all but one. Kind of reminds me of how we tend to forget the nice things that people say about you but will always hold onto the one mean thing that someone said to us years ago.

So this mini-bucket list is completely achievable and really doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg and it can be things that you have either never done or something from your childhood that you would like to relive.

28 things to do before I am 29!

1) Fall asleep in the shade of a tree
2) Make a flower crown
3) Ride the Argus
4) Learn to play at least one song on the guitar
5) Skydive
6) Reach my goal fitness and weight
7) Read a story to an elderly person
8) Draw a picture
9) Get a new tattoo
10) Go away for the weekend
11) Meet someone famous *done* {if Mr Maker counts}
12) Go on a cooking course
13) Get a pen pal
14) Climb into a taxi and scream “follow that car!”
15) Hug a complete stranger
16) Kiss in the rain
17) Climb a tree
18) Make a new friend *done*
19) Draw and play hop-scotch in the road
20) Have a lemonade stand
21) Send a teddy around the world
22) Learn to surf
23) Make mud pies
24) Go for a week without chocolate
25) Stop smoking
26) Make amends *done*
27) Play a prank on someone (harmless of course)
28) Learn to do a french plait

There is it! The challenge has been set! I hope you will all stand by me and encourage me, and maybe be apart of making them come true!

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