You Tarzan. I {GI} Jane.

In a possible moment of sheer madness I have decided to do this year’s Impi Challenge! That’s right boys and girls. A 12km obstacle course!

Backround: “The original Impi Challenge is set over 12km in the Wiesenhof Nature reserve where you will find 17 grueling obstacles.  The Vit-T-Go Tank, Snake Pit, Lilly pads, Leap of faith {Justin’s favourite ;-)} and Swamp thing just to name a few.  This Challenge is for everybody, male and female “we don’t discriminate” but must be over the age of 16.  You need to be mentally tough and at times have a sense of humor. The gauntlet will be set, it’s time to challenge your fears and become an Impi Warrior.”  The end of their ‘about’ page says “We dare you!!!” So, dear Impi People – consider your dare as a challenge!

I have managed to use my Jedi mind powers and roped in a few friends to take this on with me and because I am cool 😉 I nominated myself as the team leader so if anyone tries to back out I will pull out my scariest Mr T voice and will warn them with a “I Pity the Fool.”

So we have about 5 months to get all Tarzaned and {GI} Janed out.. a life long dream of mine is to be the next GI Jane – although with a lot less buffness, I want to be an undercover GI Jane, you know the type that looks like they can’t even pick up a teaspoon but catch them on a bad day in a dark alley … {your imagination can fill in the rest}!

And because I have a humorous nature I am trying to convince my team mates to join in on the competition of the best dressed and best themed team, although it doesn’t look like I am winning on the ‘dressed’ part so I will settle for a really cool team name!

Here are a few pictures:

Image from

Image from

Image from



I am going to be needing plenty motivation and good wishes!




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