Be Ordinary…

Recently I have been dwelling on who I am as a person, from the way I sleep to what perfume I wear and why – strange it may be but I have convinced myself that being under my own microscope is good for soul.

I live an ordinary life. I’ve almost accepted that. Almost.

Let me clarify, when I say ordinary, I mean normal, average, run of the mill, commonplace. Mundane. Clear?

I know, I know, I should be grateful. Ordinary has it’s up-side. I could be some human mutant with skin stretchy enough to be able to wrap my lower lip over the top of my head, or an über-fertile woman prone to giving birth to sextuplets and now be a proud mother of thirty-six indistinguishable, media-loving brats or someone who really does train-spot. Then my life would be considerably worse than the one I am leading now, but even knowing this is not much comfort as it should be.

I might have an ordinary life but it’s not a terribly boring one as my daughter fills those awful silent moments I used to dread, with so much laughter and joy and silly antics – she is the love of my life and I have a partner who is completely and utterly mad about me, that still, after all this time thinks I am sexy, which sometimes is possibly the most annoying thing ever as I obviously don’t see the same person he does.

I have great friends, I have lost a lot of friends since moving to Cape Town, and before I was completely cut up about it but now I am so relieved because, sadly, I regarded them as my friends but they just knew me or saw me as an ‘acquaintance’ and at least I now know that I no longer have to waste my time on them. As my gran always said “If someone tries to complicate your life, turn and walk away from them.”

Saw a post the other day {I can’t find it now so I can’t credit it but I PROMISE I will when I do} – she {a mother with 2 kids} had written and said that she sometimes waits for someone to come knocking on her door and telling her to stop playing house because deep down inside she is still an insecure 16-year-old … it was like she went into my head and took that out! I have many times felt that I am not cut out for this “playing house life” – staring at the door in the worst moments just waiting for Super Nanny to come barging in screaming GOT YA! and telling me that it was all a set up to see how unexperienced people deal with a family!

So in this ‘ordinary’ life of mine I have great moments, great people, I can eat a whole slab of chocolate {yes the big ones} in one sitting without blinking an eye. I have tattoo’s. I am silly. I am serious. I can’t fry an egg to save my life but I make a kick ass chicken, basil and lemon pasta. I am impulsive. I am completely and utterly terrified of snakes. I horse ride. I love to draw. I make jokes {stupid ones sometimes, but jokes none the less}. I love. I am loved. I love music and flowers…

I absolutely love flowers – they heal, they are important. They are so much more than a cheerful, colourful present. Flowers are there when you are born and all the way through until we die. They offer comfort and assurance; plus they articulate stuff most people can’t manage. People need flowers to say sorry and thank you, and cheer up, and I love you, and all the other difficult we inadequate humans can’t bring ourselves to say – just like music.

Music is the other love in my life.

So after all is said and done – it is ok to have an ordinary life!

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Go out and enjoy your ordinary life!


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