Thank You!

This is going to be a short blog {those are ok once in a while right?} because I have hit writers block and also ‘cos my mind is completely cluttered with work – I think it’s time to say thank you to a few people!

Justin: Thank you for you! I am one lucky lady to have found someone who is a little weird!

Image from

JP: Thank you for coming into my life and being so damn special!

Image from


Sunny: Thank you for being strange with me!

Image from

Dean: Thank you for knowing that I’m insane and still loving me for it!

Image from

Bridget: Thank you! {that’s all I can say… you know this!}

Image from

Wesley: The quote speaks a thousand words…

Image from

My bus friend: Thank you for being kind!

Image from

And for all the other amazingly special people in my life – you know who you are! {Claire, Amanda, Michael, Ray, Willem and for anyone else {this blog will no longer be the short one that I was talking about earlier if I named each and everyone but I promise to write more Thank You posts!} that has taken the time to make me smile, listened to me bitch and moan, watched me fall, seen me get up and for simply being amazeballs!}

Image from

Go out and thank your friends today!



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