Let’s Just Embrace It…

It is no secret that I HATE being cold, I hate it with every fibre of my being! And what is worse is being cold and wet! ggggrrrr! I take the bus to and from work. Getting to my bus is about a 15min {uncovered} walk then the walk up to the office is 1.3km’s …{uncovered} so when I woke up this morning to sound of rain, I pulled the duvet over my head and pretended to be an ostrich in the sand. And then when I couldn’t find my umbrella I nearly burst into tears!

Awhile ago I bitched about the fact that the world is slowly but surely losing its true gentlemen but what happened this morning lit a little fire of hope in me. All the seats on the bus were wet and as I was heading down to the back of the bus {which is not as cool the older I get} a guy called me and told me I can take his seat which was dry now – bless his cotton socks!

So let me stop being a grumpy lady with wet panties {which are wet may I add} and mention what I do love about the rain and winter days, as the say, if you can’t beat them, join them {this will not be changing my mind about not liking winter very much} but I may as well embrace it as best I can:

1. Being able to get away with wearing cute Wellingtons, splashing about in every single puddle and not being mistaken for a character on Dirt Girl World…

Image from customizedwalls.com

2. Drinking heaps and heaps of hot-chocolate with heaps and heaps of mini marshmallows:

Image from animatedcupcakes.blogspot.com

OMG! If my birthday was in the middle of winter I would INSIST on having this as my birthday cake …

Image from cutestfood.com

3. Warm blankets…

Image insidetheloop.tumblr.com

4. and of course … cuddling

Image from brandonmclean.tumblr.com

But after all the ‘good’ parts about winter my heart still belongs in this picture…

Be happy and warm today!


21 thoughts on “Let’s Just Embrace It…

  1. And this is why I know you always have a smile in your heart! Even when you’re grumpy it shines through!

  2. warm hugs for you!
    and i could so easily make you a cupcake like that 🙂
    i on the other hand am a winter baby! donning my wellies and splashing in the puddles woohoo!

  3. At first I assumed, but now I know… Glad I played a part in making your day… I’ll save you a dry seat anytime…

    Have good one…

    • LOL! after I gave you the note I thought about what I wrote and nearly died from embarrassment because of how cryptic it was … it was no small feat trying to write while the bus was moving and Murphy’s Law, we got all the robots green so I had to make it quick … glad you understand now – curious to hear what you first assumed though … 😉

      • …not sure what I assumed, I had a high school moment for a second there… but took note of the website and thought I should check it out… Reading “Let’s just embrace it”, felt good, so thank you, you made my day…

      • I also had the high school ‘passing the note’ moment! 😉 I am glad that I could share it with you – as I said, no good deed should go unnoticed!

      • …other than referring to the girl on the bus, if I may ask, who am I talking to?

      • I’ll just be the ‘girl on the bus’ for now … can’t go ruining my natural mystery now can I? 😉

  4. @CJ – it’s rude to ignore FB messages and … you HAVE to let me know what you were listening to this morning that left you using your bag as a drum!

    • ….what FB messages? Think you got the wrong CJ there… I was listening to FUZIGISH – roll with the punches, really cool if you into that kind music… Hope you have a goooooooood day…

      • nah – I got the right one {I hope} … picture of your little boy kissing his little sister? right?

  5. ..a bit unfair, you know my name and even how my children look, all I’ve got is “the girl on the bus” for a name..

      • …thanks (your name here), I’m also going to count the stars tonight… Unless you already have the answer and willing not to share this with me.. just joking..

      • I will share the numbers of stars with you – it’s my {name} that I’ll let you find … LOL! I sent you another message … if you don’t see that one then I will just request to be your friend … only if you swear to accept… 😉

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