The Power of a Memory…

I am completely unable to forget about the people who have passed through my life, regardless of how long they were apart of it or what influence they had on my life. In the first few seconds of meeting someone I immediately relate them to something, a picture, a smell, a sound, a feeling – anything really – I might forget their name but I can never forget the relation my heart gives them, no matter how hard I try. Be it a blessing or be it a curse?

It’s far beyond your typical memory triggers, like remembering how my gran loved to bake when I smell cinnamon, or thinking of Phoenix when I smell or see baby powder, everyone has those kind of triggers.

For example, I came across this lady in a coffee shop once and she gave out the ugliest and scariest energy I have ever felt and I related her to a broken puzzle and when the one thought starts my brain goes into memory overdrive – a ripple effect if you please.

It happened to me this morning… I met this girl when I went on a camping trip with my dad millions of years ago {ok, not really that long but you get my drift} and when I met her I related her to a lit up street, even when there was no street within a few kilometers from where we were – when I was walking to work this morning, up the same street I have been walking for, going on 5 years, the lights down the road switched off which they have never done in all my years – I have not thought of her since that camping trip and then I got completely lost in remembering her, it went as quickly as it came because as I recalled those memories and saw and smelt more things {in my memory of the shadowed girl} I remembered more and more people. Some say thinking of someone so randomly means they are thinking about you too.

I felt an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia right then, thinking of people and of moments that I miss. I have been in Cape Town 5 years this May and I still get incredibly home sick. Obviously having thoughts about the people who are in still my life are more easily triggered by sights and smells  and 90% of what I see and smell reminds me of my family, especially my mom.

So I want to take the time to say hello to a few people and let them know that I have not forgotten them, even if they have no idea who they are in my memory:

Walking Barefoot
Sweet Peas
Early Winter Evening
Vanilla Tea
A Pebble Skipping On The Water
Piano Keys
Freshly Cut Lawn
Red Paint
Quiet Meditation
Star Fish
A Summer Day on a Hammock

So take a moment to remember someone today … you never know what the power of a memory can do!

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