Well Hello there Kitty

As you may or may not know I despise character, commercial stuff for Phoenix! Her room is pink and white with butterflies and fairies, there is a goblin hanging above her bath that she kisses every night. There is just something extremely weird and unsettling about Disney stuff as clothes, bedding, cutlery, juice bottles … the list goes on. I hate it so much that when Grandpa Robert {or Gaanpaaa babbit as Phoenix calls him}, bought her a Hello Kitty pajama set for Christmas I hid it away from her. {bad Mommy}

But I cannot keep her away from the world and I certainly cannot keep her from being a little girl who loves to play with Barbie’s and wants to watch Tinkerbell – it’s my issue and will not relay that onto her – now that she is older and is aware enough of what she wants and likes who I am to say no when she asks for a Mickey Mouse bed set {she loves watching Mickey Mouse}? *bites tongue*

So with that said, Phoenix found the {obviously not well hidden} Hello Kitty pajama set and the obsession has set it, we basically have to convince her every morning that she cannot wear her ‘kitty” to school.

So as her birthday is coming up … plus a few months {November} … a busy mom has to plan WAY in advance so a few nights ago I asked Phoenix whats she wants for her birthday, after talking about bubbles, butterflies and fairies to try to shift her mind but lo and behold she has asked for a Kitty party … sigh! So,I went onto Pinterest and I might … MIGHT be sucked into this Hello Kitty idea…

image from lilsugar.com

image from blog.tinyprints.com

Boys will be coming to her party so I might have to change all the red to pink or maybe use the green and pink idea…

image from charm-events.blogspot.com

And of course something for the parents to join in on the fun…

image from etsy.com

image from flickr.com


3 thoughts on “Well Hello there Kitty

  1. those mini cupcakes are too bloody cute!
    as for making it to suite boys… it’s a GIRLS party, they must just deal with it.
    i am by no means a HK fan, weird ass japanese kitty. but then again i said exactly what you did and now my child is running around in cars printed clothes and even has cars bedding. these kids know what they want.

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