Phoenix is generally an amazingly happy child. A mind filled with wonder, a hand filled with sweets waiting to swallow the healthy piece of fruit I have basically shoved down her throat. She sleeps well(ish), she eats like a champion and those little stolen moments of tenderness are heart warming but then….

… out of the darkness creeps this two eyed, two-legged, two armed, blonde monster! The days when it’s all about what is HERS, about long, {dragging on the floor}, sulky lip, batting eye lashes, crocodile tears and a constant flow of the word NO! *deep breath*  It’s times like this when I take a step back from her, tilt my head to the side and wonder “who {or what} exactly are you?

It’s very rare that you come across a mom that will voice the moments when you want to shake the daylights out that monster child – why? cruel? no, what is cruel and which I DO NOT condone is the action of doing it – to all the mom’s out there .. say ‘I’ if you have had this thought, even once. {although we all know it’s more than once}. I have locked myself away in my bedroom once when she has gone on her fire-breathing rampage. true story.

When Phoenix was still a baby I just couldn’t wait for her to start talking … brings me to the quote “be careful what you wish for – it just might come true” – although I do love it when she gets excited about something and she is able to express it, it makes life easier when they aren’t feeling well or they have hurt themselves because instead of a mad scramble to try to figure out what is wrong, they can now tell you where it hurts. I love how she sings and her impression of an elephant which is by far the funniest thing under the sun, but when that lip starts then the {what I call Toddler Profanities} such as NO! MINE! DON’T WANT! come streaming out her mouth I want to run away to a tropical island while being served drinks by a tall, dark, handsome (and topless) stranger … instead I am stuck in a house so I am forced to tear out my hair strand by strand while trying to explain to her that she is not being nice… if you are not a parent, you will have NO idea how hard it is trying to reason with a two-year old.

Reminds me of another quote: “Don’t teach your child not to get angry, instead teach your child how to get angry” and that is a big lesson that I am ‘trying’ to teach her.

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After that little vent session I take comfort in knowing that there is no such thing as a perfect parent and the fact that I know that I am doing the best I can for her. So when I get frustrated and confused at her temper tantrums, mood swings and stubbornness {I have absolutely no clue where she gets that from} its ok to feel like that and I won’t feel guilty about it – after all, even though they are your child, it’s still a whole new personality that clashes with yours from time to time – it’s life and it does not make me love her any less, not for a single moment!


8 thoughts on “NO! MINE! DON’T WANT!

  1. always comforting knowing that it’s not just my screwed up brain making me feel like what you explain, nice to know that sane parents go through the same thing! here’s to us surviving our kids…

    • here! here! ps: what is this word ‘sane’ that you speak of – last time I had any recall of that feeling was on the 6th November 2009! 😉

  2. I also have no idea where mine gets it from… and then I get this weird sideways look from my mom!
    I take heart in knowing that I am raising a strong and independant little girl.

    • Ah! thats the worse – when the mom or worse – the mother-in-law is there at the peak of the two-something rage and you can hear the tsk tsk tsk ringing in their heads when they say something like ‘she is never like that when she is with me’ or the ‘maybe she is tired’ … sigh!

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