It’s Amazing April!

So … not only is April the BEST month because of the fact that it’s my birthday month but I came across Funny Festivities that makes it even better! A list of …. hmmmm … let’s just be politically correct by calling them ‘celebrations’ that happen in the month of April. I am sure there are a few more that haven’t made it to this list, and thankfully not as my head is already spinning…

The below is Compiled by the Lady Beatrice Blitterlees and edited by The Earl of Craboon, a lively lollygagging twosome of twits who hang out in the Court of Quintessentially Quirky Quaffers & Quidnuncs

“April is the month when fools rush in where wise men never go and angels fear to tread. (And frankly, anywhere wise men and angels hang out together would probably not satisfy the needs of a merry band of mischievous munchkins looking for a good time.)

So without further ado, here is the ludicrous lineup of odd, offbeat or outrageous things to keep you busy for all of April.

When in doubt, always remember that April is Silly Suds Month, (33 beer festivals to choose from around the globe. All you have to do is show up, tell a few jokes, and get yourself tiddly like all those other crazy tipplers tip toeing through the tulips!)

April 1: Hilarious Haberdashery, (what do you mean you haven’t picked out a great big fool’s cap; (haven’t you heard, you’re going to wear one on your little pinhead for the next 30 days).

April 6: Fun & Frolicking Friday, (time to blow bubbles in your bathtub and organize a chewing gum contest to see who can blow up the largest bubble without getting it stuck to a face).

April 7: SPAMARAMA, (you’ll have to go Austin, Texas to bond with other weird folks who can’t get enough of those crazy cook-offs not to mention gobbling down some very questionable edible pork products; oh and by the way, beware of bull burgers!)

April 8: Energizer Bunny Appreciation Day, (a fine occasion to honor the long-life battery that keeps your digital doodads from wimping out on you at an inopportune moment).

April 13-15: Annual Dolly Parade, (so slip on your wild Barbie and Ken togs or Beanie-Baby outfits, and join the fantastically funny folks in Pigeon Forge, TN).

April 20 – 26: Cowboy Poetry Week (never ask a cowpoke the size of his spread…but give him a chance to show off his silver tongue…well that’s another matter!)

April 20: Bring On The Bull! (wow, you can pay tribute to your Taurus friends and family members, the ones who’re boring and insensitive, not to mention materialistic if not a tad self-indulgent and stubborn. They have one positive quality, they can cook!)

April 22: Earth Day, (time to check and see who has the best recipe for mud-pies, or who has tasted the forbidden fruit – earth apples naturally!)

April 23: Administrative Professional Day, (time to tie up a bureaucrat or “civil” servant in some fancy red duct tape and auction them off to anyone willing to take them).

April 30: Beltane Fire Festival, (you’ll need a kilt, a caber, and some fire-crackers to attend this Scottish celebration marking the beginning in spring; hopefully the Edinburgh Council won’t ban it like they have for the last few years!)”


Sad that I missed the Fun & Frolicking Friday but then again there is always next year! But cannot wait for the Cowboy Poetry Week to start – that should be fun!

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