Friendship is …

Last night an incredibly important person in my life allowed me to share a piece, a sad piece, of his life and I was taken aback at how I felt afterwards, not only was I sad for what he went through and wanted to squeeze him so tight it would just about break his ribs, but it also made me realise and really {REALLY} appreciate friendship.

When I was younger it was my mission to have lots and lots of friends, friends were the people we went to house parties with, who we took shots with and did really stupid things with and even though those time were great, looking back they were not always real, what I have now with the handful of friends I do have is.

Everyone, I am sure, has a different idea of ‘friendship’ but a friend to me is someone who will sit with you on your bedroom floor crying over a lost cat, that will help you put up flyers. Someone that you can call at 02:00 in the morning just to say you can’t sleep and they will talk to you until you fall asleep again. Someone who you don’t have to speak to every single day but when you do chat it feels like you are picking up a conversation that you had yesterday, but also someone you can speak to everyday but can never seem to get enough of them. Someone that, doesn’t matter how far away you have moved, will still take the time to send you a message. But of course, friends are there to party with, to do shots with and do really stupid things with, the difference between that and it being said in the second paragraph is that the real friends will still be with you the next morning curing each others hangovers and mending cuts and bruises.

Friends are there to laugh with, to cry with, to party with, to watch the sunrise with, to just be with. So I want to thank my friends, from the bottom of my little heart – I love each and every single one of you with every fibre of my being and for those of you that I sadly do not see as often as I would like, remember that I keep you safe in my thoughts every day!

I am happier now with the handful of friends that I have now, the real ones, the ones I trust enough to leave my life in their hands if it ever came down to that, rather than having 100’s of friends that don’t even know something as simple as my birthday.

So with that I leave you with this quote that I found awhile back and is so pivotal:

“No man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till he is unhappy.” Dr. Thomas Fuller



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