For the love of books!

As you may or may not know some sad news was released yesterday, something that I guess was inevitable but a terribly sad loss none the less. The headline reads: “The Internet Has Finally Killed The Encyclopedia.” {taken from The Hungry and Foolish}

I cringe at this because I am completely besotted with books and it is SO important to me to share and pass on that love to my children and for them to pass it on to their children but at this rate by that time things like the Kindle will be ‘so old-fashioned’ which is incredibly sad. Does this mean that one day a child will not know the joy of finding a little old, magical book in the corner of a library, does this mean that they will not know the feeling of curling up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a book – ready for the greatest adventure of their lives?

My mom has a whole room – ceiling to roof and all four walls with books ranging from dangerous frogs of the Amazon to Steven King and authors that I had never even heard of, and that is such a precious memory for me, to know that I could just grab a book and escape to a world where I belonged.

My earliest and fondest memory of any book is Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree, Moonface was my salvation, Mr. Watzisname was the one who made me smile and Yell-around was the naughtiest of them all. Since then I have been hooked on books, sometimes reading 2 or 3 at about the same time because I thirst for stories, to be taken away – to forget about the world, to be utterly captivated by the author.

I have easily 500+ books of my own and the thought that one day there is a possibility that books will be a museum piece is terrifying. There is no better feeling than holding an old book that has travelled around the world, being read by so many different creeds and races, touched by people that we will never otherwise meet, being taken places that we would otherwise never go.

I hope more people fall in love with books and keep it alive.



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