Once when I was little…

I have an emotional attachment to music so when I hear a song, I don’t just listen to the words, I close my eyes and I feel them with every fibre of my being and one song that has been playing a lot on my play list is ‘Once When I Was Little’ by James Morrison and it really got me thinking about how quickly life sucks the child out of us … how we have to hold on to it for dear life and a few lucky people do manage to hang onto it but slowly lose it as more and more people tell them that they must ‘grow up’ … seriously?!

Life was so much easier when we were little, friends were friends because we were friends. Plain and simple. There was no such thing as friends with benefits, and I am not only talking about the sexual kind, I mean all kinds, emotionally, financially and status wise.

I have started realising how quickly I am losing the person that loved playing in the mud, climbing trees, laying on the grass and looking up at the sky, getting lost in the millions of pictures I could find in the clouds.

When we were little it was so easy to laugh, it was second nature to us. With that I ask you … when last have you laughed so hard you cried, when you couldn’t catch your breath and then falling over from complete joy?

I give you this task today … climb a tree, draw stick men with a pencil, write a letter (on pen and paper) and pass it along to one of your friends, play in the sprinkler, go to bed without eating dinner but eating pudding … just be little today and live your life as honestly as a child.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” Tom Wargo



5 thoughts on “Once when I was little…

  1. when i read this i don’t think i ever actually grew up…
    i still love laying on the grass, i often forget to have dinner, fish and i are always painting and doodling and yesterday i skipped having a shower and sat in the splash pool letting him wash my hair instead.
    i think it’s nice having a toddler… they remind you how to stay a child

    • I have always tried to keep my inner child, I will also swim instead of showering, or jump on the trampolene until I feel sick … but having our little munchkins makes us being little again that much easier …

    • I think it could be because you know me – you know what is going on in my heart when you read this …

      • It did feel as though u were talking to me-and i know how u have this way of expressing yourself that is both simple and profound.

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