Getting Inked …

The last time I got a tattoo was January 2011 which seems like a thousand and million years ago … yes, really – that long. So I am planning on getting a new one that incorporates many aspects of my life, mostly for the people I have lost and for the people I still have in my life. Far too many people have memorials of people that they have lost but how many people symbolise the people that they do have?

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s incredibly stupid to have your boyfriend/girlfriends name or to have a tattooed wedding band – cos let’s face it … no one knows what tomorrow brings – but saying that, each to his own, it’s just something I would never do.

What I mean is to have someone in your life that you KNOW will always be there no matter what, a child hood friend, your mom, dad, siblings and or children.

I have decided what I want but with getting to my decision I came across some really pretty tattoos which I thought I should share.

Seriously … how stunning is that?

and for the guys …

Hopefully I will get my new ink soon because I’s seriously itching for one … it’s so weird cos every tattoo that I have I have promised that I won’t put myself through the pain again but lo and be-hold I keep on wanting more. But the one promise I will keep is that I will never allow myself to look tacky.

So cheers to a new tattoo!


One thought on “Getting Inked …

  1. A lifestyle that has bitten the majority!
    A friend of mine always said: “there are two types of people in the world, those with tattoos and those who are afraid of people with tattoos”
    The tattoo for the guys that you posted here takes me back to my days living in London from 2006-2009 because the tattoo I have is based on that exact picture!
    Myself, like many others with tattoos that are visible, can’t help sometimes but get angry at the stares and comments we get.
    Look people, I’m not a criminal or a vagrant because of what I choose to look like, I’m actually a nice guy that chose a lifestyle and
    art form that I love. I do it for me, not to scare anyone.

    Big up for a wonderful blog!


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