I might need an intervention…

This is such a typical Tammy thing to do, don’t have a single post since the 8th of December and here I sit writing my second one in less than 5min but I just had to share this…

I am on Pinterest almost every single day and I am completely obsessed with it – so much so that the other day I couldn’t log in and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. But what I wanted to say was that I have to giggle at myself (not in the coo-coo house kind of way but the healthy ‘I think I’m funny kind’ of way) every time I am on it because I always say “just going to check something on Pinterest quick” that ‘quick turns into one which turns in two {sometimes more} hours!

I have a hunger for beautiful pictures, kind words, creative ideas, strength when I am weak, remembrance of the simple life and of course smiling happy people and this site has it all …. ALL! and a bag of chips! {in the school talk of “you are all that and a bag of chips”} but seriously – they also have bags of chips!

I’ve been here for too long now – Pinterest calls!


One thought on “I might need an intervention…

  1. bahahahahaha i am SO glad i am not alone in this!
    i HAVE to go onto pinterest at least once a day else i feel like my life will come to an end.
    the ideas are amazing and i’ll admit some of them have seriously saved my behind! like fishing deciding he wants a CARS party and not the monster one mommy has been working so hard on! shoo… pinterest to the rescue for all things!

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