I hope you dance…

Before I even had Phoenix I knew that when I do have children that I will sing to them or dance with them to a special song every night and when Phoenix came along I wanted to skip on your every day lullabies and so I chose this song…

When I was at boarding school every year we would have a farewell dinner for the matrics that are writing their final exams and we (as a group) would play them a farewell song that would leave us all “snot en trane” and the one year the song I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack was chosen and I knew that would be the song I would play for my children.

The most powerful part of the song is “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean” – those words speak volumes to me as I have always turned to the ocean in times of happiness and sadness and it has always brought me back down to earth.

I have played this song for Phoenix every night since the day she was born and on days that I am feeling down or not so sure that I am doing a good job as a mom I play this song and am reminded that I am the best mom for her.

I hope you all take a moment to dance…


4 thoughts on “I hope you dance…

    • and just so by the way – of course you’re doing a great job. so proud of you and that beautiful little girl of yours. there is no one that could be better at being her mother than you

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