A little bit of sunshine…

If you are staying in or around Cape Town you will know that our dear friend Summer is obviously still on holiday or he has been kidnapped by his evil step mother – Winter.

Either way it’s cold here and I know that some people prefer the cold but I HATE being cold with every fiber of my being so I thought I would brighten my day up in a yellow kind of way. I like yellow, not mad about it but after seeing all these pictures and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me, I think that yellow is here to stay…

Isn’t this just the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon nap…

Image from ivyandpiper.blogspot.com

Or better yet, being sent a bunch of sunflowers! Surely there is not a single flower with as much sunny impact?

Image from simplici-tea.tumblr.com

This picture made my heart flutter – how CUTE!!!

Image from Pinterest

So when Summer does decide to show up I think I’m going to make some lemonade (I’ve never tried it before) because having a Lemonade stand is somewhere on my bucket list and it seems pretty straight forward.

Simple Lemonade Recipe

I hope this has brightened up your day as much as it did mine!

I leave you with some love …

Image from designismine.blogspot.com



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