You are special

I think it is so important to tell people how special they are – without just using the words ‘you are special’ – it’s starting to become lost words like ‘I love you’ – words that are used to freely start losing their substance but to tell people how you love them and what you think is special about them makes all the difference in the world…


You are special to me because you are mine, because you light up my world with a flash of your smile, a laugh that comes from the bottom of your stomach and eyes that see right through me. I love you for reminding me how awesome it is to throw pepples in a pond, to look at the moon and to go on a journey through The Hundered Acre Wood with Pooh Bear.

You are special because you will pick up a broken shell and hold it up with so much pride that it’s broken beauty shines right though, which makes us remember that even bruised and battered people need a little tenderness. You always know when I need a little cuddle and a kiss. You are special because you smile at me when you wake up, you hold your arms out for me when I pick you up from school.

You are special to me because to have helped find the child in me again, to forget about the mess that you have made but instead go down on my knees and help you make the mess, for teaching me that the world is not going to end if I colour outside the lines and its so much more fun to do it!


You are special because you still act silly around me, because even though you lack the handy man genes you will go out of your way (almost losing a hand) to build me a book shelf, because you aren’t scared of changing a dirty nappy, you are special because you taught me how to not breathe through my nose when doing it! 😉

You are special because you know how to use a broom, how to wash dishes even though you don’t know how to wipe the water when you are done and how you forget where the washing basket is so you use the floor instead.

You are special to me because you love me. Because you saw something in me that I thought I lost a long time ago, you taught me to love again, and not just other people but myself. You are special because you sit with me in the quiet times, you sing with me (very badly if I may add), you dance with me and you love me enough to put me in place when the need arises and because you love our daughter with every fiber of your being.

Every moment is special to me because I have these two amazing souls in my life!

Take the time to tell someone WHY they are special to you and remember how special YOU are!


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