Love is all you need…

I haven’t been around for a while because I have been working my fingers to the bone – seriously – I have keyboard keys imprinted on my fingers … 🙂

I have had a rough couple of days riding my very own emotional roller coaster, I have cried, shouted, cried, slept, cried some more and then cried even more but this morning I arrived at my computer to some wonderful news … no, I mean WONDERFUL news!

Gorgeous Cupcakemummy got a packet of good apples this time in the form of a gentleman (those are hard to come by these days) Mark Robert! I have seen how she raises her Fish single-handedly and I have admired that so much – admired it because I know how lonely it must be, even with Fish being her whole world.

Her post I like you most of all will have you reaching for the tissues and picking up the phone to tell someone that you love them. Nothing more, nothing less!

This has made the whole world seem like a much nicer place to be in at the moment!

Sometimes we let the rest of the world take over our lives and we tend to forget to make time for the people who matter the most. I read a quote once: “Not having time for someone is an action.” and that hit home for me as I have on more than one occasion told someone ‘I can’t talk to your right now, I am very busy.’ So I say screw that! MAKE TIME!!

Love can make rainbows appear on the clearest of days, it makes memories, it creates smiles after a shower of tears. Love holds your hand when you are lost, it washes the dishes after dinner, it lights a candle, it loves you without makeup – love is the one thing that doesn’t judge, question or doubt – love simply is.

The one thing that stuck out for me in the post I read was … “You know when you meet that person and it’s so comfortable that there are no butterflies, no nerves nothing because it feels like “home” already? Well this is that.” So true – there is nothing more powerful than the love you feel when you are safe.

I leave you with this today: Love and be loved!


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