Some PEACE and Quiet

As you might (or might not) know today is International Day of Peace…

I saw this Facebook post from Sasha Martinengo and thought it was cute so I’ll share it with you…

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE: Today is the International Day of Peace – It’s supposed to celebrate people not going to war, but I like to think of peace as those brilliantly quiet little moments in your life when all is tranquil and for a short time all seems well with the world

Here’s what I think are some of the most peaceful moments in your life
Aged 1 – The moment everyone your parents know has finally met you and stops talking gibberish into your face
• Aged 10 (or thereabouts, depending) –
The moment you get your first bedroom all to yourself and you can like back on your bed without a younger brother or sister pestering you all the time
• Aged 15-ish –
The first time your parents leave you alone in the house at night while they go out for the evening – The peace lasts about 12 seconds before you put the loudest track you own on full blast on the stereo
• Aged 19-ish –
Sitting in a field at sun up after too many cheap beers, usually at a big rock festival like Oppikoppi
• Aged 21 –
When you’re standing in a University library handing all your study books back having finished your last exam in your final year – The peace and quiet will last till you’ve handed your books in and you hit the student bar to get absolutely zonked

Aged 27-ish – The moment your first child drops off to sleep after wailing uncontrollably for what seems like three days – The peace usually lasts 7 minutes max
• Aged 35-ish –
That one short moment on a Sunday afternoon when your neighbour either stops doing noisy DIY work or revving the car he seems to have been fixing for the last nine months
• Aged 45-ish –
The moment you can lie on a beach somewhere hot on holiday and read a book for the first time without worrying that your kids might be drowning, burying each other in the sand or getting lost – Bliss
• Aged 50-ish –
The moment the last of your kids finally leaves home – The peace lasts about a week until they return home carrying a massive black bag full of dirty washing for their mums to do
• Aged 80-ish –
The moment your kids dump you in an old-folks home and you know they’ll not be coming to visit you for about 6 months

Be still today if only for a moment and find some peace…

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