Paint my party…

It’s that time of the year again when I go into full party planning mode for Phoenix’s birthday happening in November.

Last year was just so stressful and the fact that we were flying to Johannesburg the next morning at 06:00 didn’t help much either. The party, which was a picnic/flower and butterfly theme turned out SO well though but I really can’t go through that stress again so I have decided to have her party at a venue that takes care of everything – which turns out to be cheaper and less stress than last year – I want to be able to enjoy my Monkey Girl’s party without getting all flustered.

Let me share a few of her 1st birthday pictures with you – taken by Cupcakemummy’s Reddotphotographers:

Precious hey?

This year it was a toss-up between a candy shop theme or a paint theme. The idea of having 10+ little ones having full access to all those sweets made my stomach lurch on their behalf. I will keep that theme idea for when she is a little older but for now it will be a paint party, cos what monkey doesn’t like to paint.

I have been googling to my heart’s content and I have found a few things that I found simply irresistible…

The possible invites:

image source

How about this for the cake?

Image source

And these for the table?

image source

I’m really REALLY looking forward to her party this year!


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