Tick Tock goes the clock…

If you are anything like me you love clocks, anything from a grandfather clock to a digital time machine looking one then these will be a feast for you…

I found 4 really REALLY great clock designs:

This one is my favourite:

What I love about that one is that you can put any pictures and you can always swap them around. I would have number pictures in the frame, like 1 sunflower for 1:00 or 11 butterflies for 11:00 – cute hey?

Here are some more…

If you are a doodler then this clock is just for you – a blank white board clock for you to draw (doodle) to your heart’s content.

For those of you that are married to your computers. Real Simple magazine provides the step-by-step instructions for downloading this screen saver clock onto your computer.

And last but not least – the knitting clock – for those of you that have all the time in the world {excuse the pun} – The ’365′ is a knitting clock, created by German designer Siren Else Wilhelmsen, will knit a scarf a year.

*All information taken from care2.com


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