… make your hair glow

Think coffee is only there for a morning ‘pick-me-up’? Think again! Somehow (I really don’t know how) but I stumbled across this Wiki.how post about how you can make your hair glow with a simple cup of coffee…

Now, because I think highly of my hair I am going to admit that I’m not brave enough to test this until some other brave soul has done it and they have come out from it with a full head of {glowing} hair – so have a go and tell me how it went.

Coffee and teas have been applied to hair for centuries. The technique described here is cumulative and regular or repeated treatments may be necessary.

Step 1: Brew a pot of coffee, any kind, preferably espresso or another dark roast. Make a strong brew.
Step 2: Allow the coffee to cool until it is warm or even cool, certainly not hot.
Step 3: Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly.
Step 4: Allow your hair to dry.
Step 5: Apply the coffee and allow it to remain in your hair for twenty minutes.

And finally…

Step 6: Rinse with warm water.

*Image from myconfinedspace.com


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