Being a mom…

Last week I was {basically} told that I am not passionate about parenting – firstly I would like to say this: Who do you think you are saying that, you are not with me when I am alone with my daughter and nothing else matters in the world, you are not there to see how I run to her when she cries, how I hold her close when she is sick, how I can’t wait for her to wake up just so I can touch her face and listen to her smile! You haven’t seen all the letters I have written to her!

My whole world is my daughter so you can sit there and point your witch finger. I let your words hurt me for over a week but I let go of that now because you don’t know me and most importantly you don’t know me as a mother.

*I have waited so long to say that*

I love being a mother, I love being a friend, and I love still being me. My whole life has changed since having Phoenix but I am still me and that I treasure, she has reminded me to laugh, to cry, to be me. When I found out I was pregnant I was so scared, there was no chance I was ready for this – but then I felt her move in my belly for the first time – my sign that I was going to be ok.

She has filled my life with funny faces, smelly nappies, cat naps, unwashed hair, sleepless nights, cuddles, kisses, high temperatures, story times, bike rides and drool but I wouldn’t exchange that for anything in this world.

What I take with me more than anything is how I know realise {27 years later} how much, how deeply I love my mom.

*Where the hell are my tissues*

After all is said and done, after all the books, advice and sometimes too much advice – My best is good enough for Phoenix, all she wants is what I can give her – LOVE!


One thought on “Being a mom…

  1. i still adore this photo 🙂
    and agreed, NEVER judge parental skills unless you are with that person day in and day out. a mothers love is one of those things you do NOT tamper with or question. EVER.

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