Back from Sabbatical

Hello dears…

Yet again I will start my opening paragraph with the infamous word.. “So much has happened since I last blogged…”

You know when you are gone for millions of years and you come back and you feel that nothing has changed? I have that feeling now. I know that a lot has happened but the question is .. is it worth blogging about?

Let us skip past all the formalities and get to what is happening here and now (and maybe filtering on one or two things that have happened that I would like to talk about.)

I have become completely obsessed, borderline manic, over a blog – Colour Giggles… what an absolutely amazingly creative lady! I catch myself spending hours and hours pining over the many idea’s – then as I go along she leads me to other great blogs and sites – i need to share a few of my favourite with you:

Spearmint Baby | Kiss The Groom | All Sorts | Pinkle Toes

The creative brains behind these blogs/sites have inspired me – pity I spend most of my hours stuck at a desk – working for someone else … one day when I am big and rich and famous I will be a stay-at-home mom that is able to do all these super cool ideas!

That reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend … it goes something like this: (in a nutshell)

M: I believe that 99% of office jobs are a waste of life!!
T: My ass was hurting earlier and I realised that I sit on this chair, behind this computer in this office for 8 and a half hours
M: Yes but its capitalism’s best-kept secret – capitalism tells us that its very important and noble and honest to sit in an office for 8 hours and make someone else richer

*serious ah-ha moment right there*

I do enjoy the ‘art’ of work – if that makes any sense, I like knowing that I am more than just a mother and wife – that I am able to be relied on for more than just drools, dirty nappies and full tummies. Being able to do the ‘art’ of working gives me the power of some independence and besides – working moms are no less awesome mom’s than stay at home mom’s – my little girl loves me no matter what. But one day I hope to be able to be there when she comes home from school and doing girly things.

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