Guilty Pleasures…

Geez! So much has happened and sadly so many brilliant thoughts have come and gone from my mind.

I have noticed that the best time my mind wonders off and comes up with sheer brilliance is between the precious few moments of wake and sleep and when I finally drift off with a smug smile, I awaken forgetting everything, although I always remember that I did think of something – it’s like waking up from a dream, knowing you had an amazing dream but not remembering the script – strange!

I do remember a brief thought of this whole drama with dear ol’ Charlie Sheen and it made me realise that I have a guilty pleasure of following the mishaps of celebrities, lets make one thing clear before I continue – I am not a googly-eyed, drooling and stuttering fan of the Hollywood glitz and glam who’s only highlight in life is the next issue of the Heat Magazine but I can’t help being sucked in every now and again when someone rich and famous goes off the rails.

Admit it, you kept up to date when Britney shaved her hair or when Paris was thrown in jail – it’s slightly amusing and in a warped way, it gives us mere mortals a reality check, that these ‘god’s’ are actually not super human or “rock stars from Mars,” they are in fact, un-airbrushed human’s that lose the plot every once in awhile as we all do.

I will admit that the road that Charlie Sheen has decided to venture on is a sad and lonely one and I pity him but to watch him and to be kept in the loop as to what his next antic is, is entertaining, be it his take on being bi-polar, or shall I say ‘bi-winning’, or waving his machete with his bottle of ‘Tiger Blood’ – it’s my daily drug {excuse the pun} to follow his trail of bread crumbs.

PS: How much drugs has Charlie Sheen taken? Enough to kill Two & A Half Men! ha ha ha ha!

If you have not seen Charlie’s interview being auto tuned then here is your daily dose of comic relief – Winning – Charlie Sheen.

Dear Warner Brothers Television: I know that Charlie is acting like a spoiled, drugged up monkey but please, please, PLEASE take him back for Two & A Half Men – either that or stop the show completely – having him replaced is going to do the show a huge injustice.

Thank you and you are welcome!

Anyway – off topic. I won a prize the other day {yay for me!}. I vaguely remember entering a competition for a Nivea hamper and lo and behold I was picked! It was a hamper filled with Nivea products as well as a book called Love Lies by Adele Parks – I have never heard of the author and as I had still not found a book to read I thought ‘what the hell’ – by the end of the first page I thought ‘this is a girly book if ever there was one’ its fresh and whimsical, a little brash at times but I can overlook that. I’m now 103 pages in and I am enjoying the quiet simplicity of it.

And while we are on that topic, when I got the post office card for the collection of my package I suddenly realised that getting a collection note completely freaks me out. I have no idea why or how, I just know that I have a fear for having to collect something sent to me if I am not aware of the delivery, so because there are so many phobia’s in the world, I could not help but to Google my fear and put a Wikipedia stamp on it but could not find one so I am on a mission to name it myself. {suggestions welcome.}

I have to share my favourite phobia word with you – Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – the fear of long words … ah! the irony!

A quick update: Our wedding ball is still on the roll {don’t worry, I can’t believe it either} no date has been arranged that yet though but soon – I am hoping for an April Autumn wedding, so hold thumbs.


Wait! before I go – I was shown this video yesterday and I had SUCH a good laugh – the guy you are about to watch simply needs to watch his back! Wooden Spoon Trick.



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