Scrambled Eggs!

Seems like I am forever apologising for not keeping my blog updated – so sad – in fact SUPER sad as I am only really apologising to myself as I am my only follower … hmmmm – that seems sadder me thinks – I am my own best friend, my worst enemy, my only critic and my only follower… oh woe is me! 😦

In case anyone is wondering what happened to my 365 day project – I have not let it sit on the back burner, in fact I have just made my life a little easier by creating a 365 | 2011 album on my Facebook profile and adding them all in there – lazy? nah! inventive? a little! uncomplicated? definitely!

So, I got my tattoo and I LUUURRRVE it – I will post a picture (a decent one) as soon as a certain ‘someone’ takes one of her superb pictures of it … yes! yes! you know who you are … ❤

I have, once again, jumped on the Twitter bandwagon – let’s see if we can be friends this time around!

I am going to start a viral campaign to get The Parlotones and or Jack Johnson to play at my wedding (will be SUPER of they both can) and I know some people will snicker and point fingers at me for being so silly and so far fetched but who knows – maybe, just maybe it will happen – I truly believe that it can, if I do it right and I have enough support behind me! {suggestions welcome!}

In the words of Obama – YES WE CAN!

So, there have been a few things that have happened and that are still in the process of happening over the last few days – to start with … my new obsession with words, especially words that are spelled the same but have different meanings … what the hell is up with that? Did the ‘inventors’ of the spoken word become bored and or lazy when making new words and just said ‘heck! lets just make these two things (that are different) the same?

Justin has now decided that politics is now his favourite subject (that was my fault for telling how much tax money went to the Opening of Parliament) and now he has an opinion about everything to do with our government (or the lack thereof) … honestly, its kind of sexy!

*This part had been edited for my safety*

I want to find a purpose in my life, at the moment I feel like I’m stuck in this bleak day to day nonsense – I want adventure and surprise – I want to be known, I want to make a difference – to put a stamp on my life and {in the words of Snow Patrol} *take a glorious bite of the whole world*

I am continuously surprised at the sheer ignorance and plain stupidity of some people – how they live in their own little fantasy of a world and are so full of shit – I wish I had the time and patience to strangle them into reality and at the same time bash their heads against the wall of the real world! I know way to many people like this. *Vent Session*

So … Justin and I have finally started our ‘getting married’ ball on the roll – we went through to Allee Bleue Estate over the weekend as a possible wedding venue and we were sold after being there for less than 5 min! Let’s just hope that those Lotto balls roll in our favour too, because this is what we have our heart set on but our wallets have run away cringing at the thought – Justin’s credit card has gone into hiding! LOL!

Wow! This is possibly the most random post I’ve ever done {hence the title} – that’s what happens when I cant stick to one topic for longer than a paragraph but have an urge to write a novel!




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