Slacker … with good reason!

I will no longer be a …

Ive been slacking BIG time on my mini 365 day project … and it’s not ENTIRELY my fault – I couldn’t sign in for like three days, next thing I know 2 weeks has passed! Shock! Horror! Get over it!

So I promise to pull up my socks and start sharing my first memory of everyday with you but first lets have a quick moment to reflect back on the last two weeks.

A friend of mine is down from Johannesburg for a holiday and has convinced me to get a tattoo with him and in all honesty, it didn’t take much convincing – especially when he offered to pay – have I ever mentioned what great friends I have?

So I did a bit of hunting around for the best tattooist and best price in Cape Town and to my absolute horror I was met with the worst people skills in the history of people. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by watching LA Ink and Miami Ink – Those guys and girls ROCK by the way! But anyway, before I get side tracked … I was not met with a smile and a ‘how can I help you’, instead I was met with a ‘you are wasting my fucking time here lady’ {not that those words were ever said out loud but they may as well have been.}

Saddened, I googled ‘Top SA Tattoists’ and I came upon a Facebook discussion board about tattoo places in and around Cape Town and was thrown off guard at the fact that some of the places I went to (and will never again return) were mentioned on the list so I took it upon myself to comment about my experience – I never mentioned any names though as I felt that was hitting below the belt but I did highlight the fact that its actually quite sad as the artists at these particular shops are phenomenal – its the people in the front and the snarls that turn their potential clients away … The artist better put a muzzle on their staff if they want to keep business because I am a strong believer in word of mouth – it can make or break you.

I then received a private inbox message suggesting a place I had never been to, Steel Chameleon, and being a bit hesitant I sent her the tattoo I am getting and I was so pleased at her response and kindness – so glad there are people out there that overshadow the dumb asses in the world.

You will all be pleased to know that I will be getting the tattoo on Friday (28 January 2011), now the big question is WHERE to get it.

*This part had been edited for my safety*

Ive also being trying REALLY hard to start getting my millions and MILLIONS of photographs sorted out and ready for the photo albums that are standing empty … When it comes to photographs I am very old school – I like the romance of a photo album.

So much to do so little time … I  sometimes wish I could clone myself .. that’s for my next entry!

Justin did his drivers license today and …. drum roll please …. HE PASSED! I am beyond proud of him – road trips here we come!

So, here is my promise to you that I will sign in more and keep updated with the In’s and outs of my mind!

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