365 Memories of 2011 {part 2}

12 January 2010

OK! So other 6 days down – that’s a total of 12 ‘First Photo’ of 2011.

I was back at the office on the 10th January, so being in an office for 9 hours limits my photo time, but I knew that I couldn’t let this project take the back burner along with other things I have let slid this year (yes, yes .. I know … you are thinking ‘already?’ but hey – I’m only human) such as the 7 day detox that I managed to do 3 days of, with a little cheating here and there, so let’s be fair and say it was 2 days.

Lets face it – I love food and could not, for my own sanity and for the sanity of the people around me, go without eating a full meal any longer, I was grumpy, tired and having serious withdrawal symptoms to that Malva pudding in the fridge.

So I did my 3 days (3 days sounds better that 2 days) with no weight loss … surprise surprise – but never the less it has taught me that I don’t HAVE to have that packet of Creamy Cheddar cheese chips at 07:00 in the morning and that my plate of food at dinner time is not going to run away.

But enough about my failed attempt at the detox – cleverly disguised as a diet – let’s get back to the photos.

* 7 Jan ’11 – I was trying so hard to take a picture of Phoenix in her pink swimming nappy but she is completely obsessed with my phone so every time I held it up, ready to take ‘That Perfect Shot’ she would come running over to me to try and take the phone away. This shot was taken by her and I had not closed the camera option before her she snapped this one of a kind picture. At least she got a portion of her swimming nappy in and she was so kind to add Mommy’s foot jutting out of nowhere.

* 8 Jan ’11 – BARNEY!! I have a love hate relationship with that damn purple dinosaur and his ‘I love you’ song that has a way of creeping into your head at 03:00 in the morning. But desperate times call for desperate measures and when I am dying to have 3 minutes to myself .. channel 101 is my best friend – Phoenix is not interested in the TV at all but when this creature comes on … well, she stands there glued, bouncing and jiggling to all his sing-a-long songs!

* 9 Jan ’11 – My darling darling child is possibly the funniest thing ever! She has just recently learnt to blow bubbles in water now so any body of water she finds, be it spray over from the sprinkler at less than 5mm in depth or in her bath, is perfect. And not only will she blow bubbles she will in fact drink the water – this one is of her laying down, which is a change because normally she goes into full African Giraffe mode to drink the water.

* 10 Jan ’11 – I am always surprised at the taxi’s of South Africa – firstly for their ever popular death defying driving skills as well as their sound systems. I was on my way to work when I happened to fall behind ‘Molefe’s Express’ … It wasn’t funny to Justin but I just love how they glamorize their taxi’s as if it were a 5 class tourism chartered taxi. Looking back I think I thought it was funny because I was food deprived!

* 11 Jan ’11 – You cant really see this one … (please refer to {part 1} for explanation) but it’s a dragonfly that spent lunch with me, and secretly think he was making fun of my rocket infused salad with no dressing as day 2 of my detox was to have salad. I haven’t see one of these for a million and one years and every time I do, I am always reminded of school holiday’s around the pool, marvelling at the way they have … um … sex? Would you say that Dragonflies have sex or would you be all scientific and say ‘reproduce?’

* 12 Jan ’11 – This one is especially for my friends in the City of Gold – just a little salt to their wounds as they push their way through a traffic jam on the Gilloolys Intersection while being chased by the smog monster … this is what I get to drive past every single day both to and from work … I have caught myself taking it for granted once or twice, being to busy on my phone, reading a book or just catching up on a little sleep, but seriously – how awesome is that view?

OK! So we are 12 pictures down! 353 to go!


Check out Part 1.

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