365 Memories of 2011 {part 1}

A friend of mine, who is also a great photographer, has joined in with possibly the best project yet!

To take a picture everyday for a year! www.365project.org/reddotphotos/365

I told her last night that I thought it was a stunning idea and she replied telling me to join in – I replied by saying that I was 5 days late and and that it was her idea and that I didn’t want to steal her thunder … her reply: “Pff doesn’t matter. Jump in. Join me. Don’t make excuses.’

Well, I didn’t need more motivation that than so I have decided to share the first picture that I take everyday, regardless of the sense of it … it will have a story behind it and anyway, there is no way I can compete with my friends photographs, so when my pictures suck {which they probably will cos I only have my dear 2pixel BlackBerry to take pictures with} then I always say ‘well, that’s the point, its the first picture of everyday!’

It’s now the 6 January 2011 so now I am 6 days late so lets get started.

*1 Jan ’11 – Strange I know, but the story behind this one is that my darling Justin and I made a pact on New Years Eve that we will try not to do the little things that annoy each other – the morning of the 1st January 2011 Justin so kindly washed the dishes for me before heading out for work … sweet hey? BUT he left 2 spoons and the soap in the basin! ggggrrrr! so I took a picture of it and sent it to him with this message attached “I thought this was going to be a better year? lol!” he replied {as only Justin would} with: “It is – last year I would have left more soap.” cheeky shit but how can you get angry with that?

*2 Jan ’11
– As all parents will know, once your little one becomes mobile baby proofing your house is a necessity but seriously – what is the point when they figure out how to hack your fool proof system and decide that unpacking your cupboards is the best fun ever!?

*3 Jan ’11- As Phoenix’s creche was closed over the December holidays, I was allowed to work from home – what possessed me to think I could do it with a VERY active 1 year old? She insisted that she sit on my lap and that the keyboard was her new favourite toy – sending coded messages to my skype contacts, clicking my mouse so much that my bottom toolbar became vertical on my screen {let it be known that even I don’t know how to do that}, making my computer go on standby mode and just being a real tech savvy monkey.

*4 Jan ’11- Possibly the first scorcher of a day in Cape Town for 2011 {reaching 38 degrees} – this picture was taken at 07:00 in the morning and the fact that she is just in her nappy says it all … but her deciding that a rock is better tasting than her breakfast is beyond me .. she loves to scrap her teeth against the rock {even thinking about that sound gives me goosebumps}

*5 Jan ’11
– Mid-morning nap … I get so jealous when I see her sleeping so soundly … sometimes I am so tempted to climb in the cot with her and sleep, sleep and sleep!

*6 Jan ’11
– Phoenix’s is 14 months old today and this picture was not taken by me but by Justin so I cant take the credit but in all fairness it was the first picture my phone has from the 6th January. Our cats thought that Phoenix’s blow up pool was a scratching post and so we wanted to get her another pool… Justin went to Game and saw this pool and sent the picture to me to see if i like it  – we now have it and its great, not as great as the blow up one because I can’t fit into this one but its not about me is it?

Well, there you have it … my first 6 pictures of 2011 – only 359 to go! Phew!

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