Mud Pies and Milkshake Bubbles!

You know, its pretty silly really how sometimes I feel I need to use big, important words in this blog – to make it poetic – that’s a load of bull! This is my blog and should be an extension of my mind and my thoughts and if I still think of making mud cakes and blowing bubbles in my milkshake with my straw then that’s how it is – I’m not going to pretend to be some kind of Maya Angelou {although I sometimes wish I was as profound as she is} its just not going to happen. {although I do promise to check my spelling}

If I feel poetically expressive one day then that’s what you will get but for now, its mud pies and milkshake bubbles.

Things have been super hectic the last couple of days with moving house with a baby and not having everything packed on the day we are moving is not something I would do again and it freaks me out completely that things weren’t in working order – a bit tough for someone that has to-do lists for my to-do lists.

The house we have just moved to is slowly but surely starting to feel like a home, just a few more tweaks and a minor ant infestation but nothing worth pulling my hair out for I guess.

Although I feel a tinge of nostalgia when I think of our old place cos it was Phoenix’s first home – so many memories of her in that place but I make myself feel better by saying that the memories are in my head and heart and that there will be so many more memories! I just hope and pray and BEG that we don’t have to move again soon – I really want a home now, a place that I wont have to leave in a year’s time – cos that it possibly the most frustrating thing ever – especially for such a sentimental person as myself.

I’m off now to make my mud pies and bubbles and try and forget that I’m a completely stressed out adult!



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