That’s right all you oxford dictionary freaks – BLOGGISH! {its a new word that might make me millions one day – do people that come up with new words get paid?}

Bloggish! That’s how I feel every night when I’m lying in bed waiting for sleep to come and rescue me, and every morning in the shower, while brushing me teeth … actually – every freaking waking moment, and recently every sleeping moment …

Wondering what bloggish is?

Its the obsession that has run rampage in my life …. what can I blog about today? what can I write about that will get people talking, laughing or even sitting back in their chair in awe of my inspiring words – and then it hits me! the PERFECT topic but then that’s it – that’s all I have – a topic – a subject line – and I feel defeated yet again. – well! that doesn’t help much does it?! *sigh*

Is blogging a competition? ‘My blog is better than your blog” – NEH NEH NEH NEH NEH!

As far as I know a ‘blog’ is a outlet for the thoughts in your head {which I have MANY of} I just sometimes wish that I had a direct link to my blog through my head – then the words would be coming fast and furious –  I am still amazed at what a ‘little’ Stephanie Meyer mixed with a touch of Steven King I can be in my head.

But I will try this ‘oulet’ thing

These are the topics I have had swimming around for awhile now …

1. Phoenix {could go and on and on and on – *gushing mom*}
2. Mannequins … those damn skinny mannequins that always look so great no matter what they are wearing
3. Girls that have dark eye lashes but STILL insist on wearing an overdose of mascara
4. Love {is that not done to death already}
5. Hate – mmmm?
6. Religion – {that’s a tough one}
7. Sushi vs Gatsby’s

OK – that’s enough topics for one day – maybe, just maybe I will have more to each that I can actually write about {expect for #1 of course}

I’m out!



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