Sanity vs Hip Hop!

So … here I am – jumping on the blogging band wagon (is that one word or two?) – I’m too lazy to check so I’ll just leave it as is – this is a blog you know and therefore I can spell like I’ve never been to school and I can use language that a sailor would be ashamed of… right? Or do I have this blogging thing all wrong?

Either way – let me see if I have a knack for this …

Everyday I walk to and from work – which is a good 20 minute walk, 20 minutes ALL to myself is bliss you would think but actually its not all that, I spend my time with these damn random thoughts that run through my head – I’ve even convinced myself once that there is DEFINITELY an alien in my head, there is just no way that one person can think up so much !@$% – shit, I forgot that I’m allowed to swear.

I sometimes have a good giggle at myself at the nonsense that finds its way into my head and every time I shake it off I find myself justifying my thoughts which leads to another rampage of thoughts … its a vicious cycle … sigh!

I guess if you cant laugh at yourself then something is wrong … right?

I want to share something with you… more of a vent session actually…

There is this clothing store on Long Street in Cape Town called Traffic that I walk past every morning and every afternoon and a few minutes before I get there I encourage myself that today is the day I go in and sample some of the clothes that tease me from the store window and I psych myself up so much that I feel like I’m the living (female) version of Rocky … so, this is it – I’m going in – I walk head up, shoulders back … deep breath and then I hear it … the LOUD BLARING hip hop music coming from inside the store and I am immediately repulsed and so, yet again goes another day I am unable to go into Traffic.

I walk away feeling defeated by this noise they call music and  I can feel how smug the music becomes as I walk past … DAMMIT!

I am all for music ‘makes the world go around’ but hell, that makes the world want to creep back into itself, so I ask you , do I sacrifice my sanity for clothes I’ll 10 to 1 never wear or do I let this ….. ‘music’ have its way?



3 thoughts on “Sanity vs Hip Hop!

  1. i'd say just let the music have it's way, their clothing isn't that amazing and the prices aren't all that either. i went to have a look once.oh, and welcome to the world of bloggin!

  2. Oh my word! I have a 'thing' with Traffic too! It's not the music that gets to me but the shop assistants. Because the store is almost always empty, I don't want to be put in the position where there is a 5:1 assistant customer ratio.Btw, midway through my comment B woke up, threw up on me and my blanket. So this took me about 10 min longer than it should have.

  3. lol Ash! i know how you feel – its also the assistants – i know that if i walk in their and im alone in the store im going to feel like im actually not allowed to be there – even the music wont be able to fill that awkward feeling you get when you are alone in a shop – its enough to make me walk around naked … he he he!Or there could be the situation when they ALL want to help you at the SAME time! thats just creepy!and dont worry about the vomit – glad to know what B thinks about Traffic .. he he he!

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